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Villages of Crete island:

in Greece but also information about villages in many locations of the island: Crete is highly-appreciated for its rich history, the age-old traditions and hospitable people, characteristics that are spread out across all Crete villages. The stunning landscape and the rich diversity of the scenery make Crete one of the most outstanding destinations in Greece that draws the attention of all visitors.

The beautifully preserved Cretan villages have ancient roots that go back in history. The largest towns, including Chania, Rethymno and Heraklion, are found in the northern coasts of the island. Although they were originally established in the ancient times, these towns mostly developed during and after the Venetian times, which is why their architecture has very evident Venetian and Ottoman features.

In fact, many towns and villages in Crete have Venetian and Ottoman features, including castles, towers, stone bridges, churches and mosques. Other places located up in the mountains have a characteristic architecture with stone houses, red-tiled roofs, narrow streets, flowered gardens and always a square with a church in the center of every village.

Some of the best villages and towns in Crete are: Chania town, Skakia (Chania) | Heraklion town | Agios Nikolaos and Sissi (Lassithi) | Rethymno town.

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